Alicia Williams, featured speaker of NACE New England at the Omni Parker House, Boston

Aliste Marketing
Learn how to leverage social media for more sales. Find out more with our all-encompassing guide to social commerce trends in 2017.

Our founder, Alicia Williams, shares her creative insights on how to keep face to face interaction alive and successful through online contact, a task that is sometimes very hard to accomplish if not executed perfectly.

We are focused on helping companies flourish and stand out online through tailored communication strategies and social media platforms that speak directly to our clients’ target market.

Events are a prime place for face to face interaction, where clients can engage and build relationships with consumers, but what happens when you are solely doing business online?

Alicia confronts and explains the importance of authentically sharing your company story with consumers and the positive impact it will have on company sales, online presence and organic consumer relationships.  

Watch the video here

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