Social media is helping to bring out the emotions and statements of injustice about the war in Ukraine

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As a social media management company, we comprehend the power of social media. We know how it can be beneficial in progress towards human rights, ethically rightful protests, and basic human decency. We also know that social media can be used as a weapon. It can be used to spread lies and propaganda. It can be used to silence opposing voices. It can be used to stir up hatred and violence.

We see all of these things happening in the case of the war in Ukraine. Social media is playing a role in bringing the emotions and statements of injustice about the war in Ukraine to a wider audience. It is helping to raise awareness about what is happening there. It is also being used by those trying to silence the voices of dissent and opposition to the war.

We see this happening on both sides of the conflict. Russian forces are using social media to spread propaganda and silence those who oppose them. We believe that social media can be a force for good in the world. We also believe that it is vital to be aware of the ways that it can be used to spread lies and hatred.

We must be vigilant in our fight for justice and against injustice. We must use our voices to speak out against violence and oppression. We must continue to raise awareness about the war in Ukraine. That’s why when a Ukrainian business reached out to Aliste requesting us to spread awareness and talk publicly about what is currently happening in Ukraine; we knew we absolutely would. This Ukrainian business owner made a statement to us by saying, words are more impactful than bullets.

We decided to take it a step further and cultivate a donate guide to help the people of Ukraine and its refugees; take a look at the end of this blog.

Social media has historically been proven to be the most potent way to build awareness.

The Pew Research Center reports that 86% of Americans get their news online. This number has only increased as social media usage has become more widespread. This is because social media platforms offer users an unprecedented ability to connect with each other and share information. In addition, social media platforms are increasingly being used by news organizations as a way to reach a wider audience. Thus, social media represents a powerful tool for building awareness and engagement around important issues. Social media platforms have been overwhelmed with the content of oneness, “Social media platforms on the defensive as Russian-based disinformation about Ukraine spread,” one headline reads. (Politico)

The world is watching in more ways than one: The Sri Lankan government has also taken the lead from Russian tactics and has implemented a country-wide social media blackout as Sri Lanka’s economic crisis continues to grow.

We also get to see the strength, struggle, and resiliency of the people of Ukraine.

The social media revolution has changed the way we communicate and connect with each other. It has also given us a unique window into people’s lives all over the world. Most recently, social media has played an essential role in highlighting the strength, struggle, and resiliency of the people of Ukraine and of Sri Lanka.

Through platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we have been able to see firsthand the challenges that Ukrainians face daily. However, we have also seen their amazing ability to overcome adversity by building resilience in themselves, their friends, and their families. One example that comes to mind is Anastasiia Lenna, a Ukrainian beauty pageant winner who has joined the military to defend Ukraine against Russian troops. The social media revolution has given us a powerful new tool for understanding and empathy that we should use to its full potential.

Social media is vastly influential because it is a topic of Russian tactical operations during a war.

The Russian government has long been suspicious of how its citizens interact online and what they say across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter–they believe this could be used against them in future conflicts with Western powers planning regime change (or any other geopolitical opponent).

As Elie Wiesel said,” There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.”

Be bold. Be loud. Be seen. Be strong.

Want to know how you can use social media for good and to help the people of Ukraine? See our donation guide below!

Please see our donation guide below. We have created social media posts that you can share to spread the word about these two women-made products where the proceeds go to help the people of Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees. As a women-owned business, we felt the need to choose these two women from Massachusetts.

From earrings, pendants, and social media to Airbnb bookings there are numerous ways you can help the people of Ukraine.

Download our social media graphics so you can share this donation guide here »

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