What Inspires Us: Miss Zebulon 2024

We are excited to feature Brooke Evans, Miss Zebulon 2024, in our “What Inspires Us” series, as she truly embodies the spirit of community. She is currently championing her community service initiative, “Pull the Plug on Cyberbullying,” and has launched an online pledge campaign called #ClickwithKindness to encourage kindness and positivity online. Join us as we explore her story and celebrate Miss Zebulon 2024’s profound impact on our community. Get ready to be inspired by her remarkable journey.


If you’re interested in learning more about the incredible work of Brooke Evans, Miss Zebulon 2024, feel free to email her at kbevans459@hotmail.com. You can also join the pledge by visiting: #ClickwithKindness Pledge.

Interview with Brooke Evans – Miss Zebulon 2024

Describe what you do? How long have you been doing this?

I am currently Miss Zebulon 2024, a local titleholder within the Miss North Carolina Organization. I was crowned Miss Zebulon in October 2023 and will serve through October 2024. I will compete for the title of Miss North Carolina in June 2024. I am advocating for my community service initiative, ‘Pull the Plug on Cyberbullying,’ and have created an online pledge campaign called #ClickwithKindness to promote kindness and positivity online.

What’s your personal story? How did you get started? Was there someone that influenced and inspired you? Why are you passionate about your business?

As a freshman in high school, I was cyberbullied. To spread awareness, I began competing in my local high school pageant and created an ‘Anti-bullying’ platform. Although I did not win the title after competing for three years, I was awarded Miss Congeniality all three years. This award, voted on by the other contestants, truly inspired me and helped me gain confidence and assurance after being bullied.

I am now a proud sponsor of that same award, now called the ‘Brooke Evans Miss Congeniality Award,’ and I have the honor of presenting it to the new Miss Congeniality each year. Competing in my high school pageant provided me with the confidence to compete in the Miss North Carolina local pageant system, which has completely changed my life.

As Miss Zebulon, I have evolved my ‘Anti-Bullying’ campaign into an online pledge campaign specifically targeting cyberbullying. My community service initiative, ‘Pull the Plug on Cyberbullying,’ includes an online pledge for people to sign, committing to be kind and respectful on all social media platforms. My hope is to spread kindness throughout the cyber world and beyond.

I have promoted my campaign locally at sporting events and in high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools. Hearing others share their stories about the personal effects of cyberbullying on themselves, their family members, friends, and loved ones, and being able to share my own experience, is both healing and motivating. It keeps me driven to continue the fight to Pull the Plug on Cyberbullying.

What’s the biggest factor that has helped you succeed in your field?

Support from my family and friends and the courage to speak up for myself and others.

At the end of the day, what puts a smile on your face?

Spreading Kindness throughout the cyberworld and beyond.

What Inspires Us: Describe a way that you/your business helps your community in a positive way (giving back, bringing joy/happiness, inspiring others, etc.)? Why is this important to you?

Pull the Plug on Cyberbullying’ #ClickwithKindness has received 400 signatures, including those from Allbridge employees who pledged to click with kindness on social media. My goal is to reach 500 signatures before I compete for the title of Miss NC in June. Visiting school campuses across my community and state, speaking with teenagers about this campaign, and hearing their personal stories about the physical and mental impacts of cyberbullying, along with sharing my own story, has been both healing for me and encouraging for them. It empowers me to keep fighting for this cause.

I was recently featured on our local radio station, 94.7 WQDR, where I was able to spread awareness over the airwaves. In April 2024, I was recognized by local legislation at the NC General Assembly, addressing both the NC House of Representatives and Senate, for my community service impact initiative.

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