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“Don’t Mold to What You Think Success Is” The 5 Lessons I Learned Being a 20-Something Founder

Alicia Williams
Updated on Jan 08, 2017

In an exclusive interview with Authority Magazine, CEO of Aliste Marketing, Alicia Williams shares her 5 most valued lessons she has learned while becoming a founder & entrepreneur in her 20-somethings.

Alicia gives the low down on how she decided to take the risk of starting her own business even in the time of a recession, with all the odds against her and how taking risks is all apart of the formula to success. Alicia also dives into a new and exciting project she and the Aliste Marketing team are working on called AMPS, a new placement division within the Aliste branding services, that offers both sourcing and orientation of top notch marketing talent for local business. How exciting!

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