Marketing Strategy

Understanding where your business has been and where you see it going is imperative for developing the most effective marketing strategy to impact the growth of your business.

Ideas that can be linked to measurable responses are the foundation of designing an effective marketing program. We dive into your business to create a unique, efficient and actionable program.

Our Capabilities

Marketing Program Development

Bringing Your Brand To Life

By providing an overview of how lead nurturing and marketing go hand in hand, we offer clients the most effective marketing strategy that shows a direct ROI. It stimulates a savings of time, effort, money and conversion across the board.

Our marketing programs aren’t designed to sit on your desk for a rainy day!

We are about putting great ideas in motion and outlining the exact campaigns that will achieve your goals.

Our niche and experience in working with companies has been to explore, uncover and address the obstacles that prevent your business from excelling to the next level.

We do this by understanding your story and knowing how, when and where to tell it for success.

This is a comprehensive and well developed implementation, specifically designed to reflect the most effective marketing strategy needed to achieve your marketing goals.

Reviewing the business’s objectives, buyer personas, target benchmarks and existing foundational pieces, the tactical implementation outlines the necessary action steps that are vital to the success of the marketing plan.

We work with your internal team to lay the groundwork for all foundational pieces, develop the storyline for each buyer persona, identify needs of those target buyers throughout the buying stages and organize a strong strategic editorial calendar that outlines key content pieces, publishing mediums and channels.

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Stealth & Launch Planning

Tease Marketing

A fleeting glimpse of the spinning car tires on a sleek, rain-soaked pavement. A simple, sound-free commercial that uses a black screen and block letters to pique curiosity. Hints, innuendo, beating around the bush—they’re all ways to tease out marketing for products that either don’t exist or that are being deliberately kept under wraps.

Marketing is hard, but introducing a brand that isn’t even a brand yet can feel impossible—it’s also undeniably thrilling.

Marketing teases are hugely aspirational. No one gets turned on by allusions to practicality or pragmatism, but tempt consumers with thoughts of better living, more convenience, happier days, less stress, a creamier lotion or tastier pasta and you may just have a winner on your hands.

Traditionally, experiential marketing involves stimulating the senses; you get customers to smell, feel or touch a product so they make a connection. When your product is still an idea, it’s difficult to ask people to reach out and pat it. Instead, we’re selling the concept of the experience.

Eliciting a measurable response, engaging audiences and converting consumers into brand evangelists all before the public ever sees, touches or experiences the actual products.

It’s not magic. It’s tease marketing. And we love it.

Retention & Referral Programs

Like it or not, with social media, as well as sites like Yelp and the Yellow Pages enabling consumers to leave reviews about products and services, companies don’t have the final word over how the public perceives their brand. In fact, some marketing experts say that consumers now trust each other more than companies. So how can you leverage customer reviews to your advantage?

Consumers Trust Each Other More Than Companies

Companies who encourage feedback and engage with customers are perceived as more trustworthy than those that don’t.

Building a retention and referral program that resonates with your target audience will allow your business to organically grow. This further establishes your brand, and builds the experience around your business story for an effective marketing strategy.

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“The single most important thing we did for our business was hire Alicia and her team to do a marketing plan and business analysis. Their questions cut right through all the fog, and for once we had a vision of what we wanted our company to be and the plan to get there. Since we implemented those strategies we’ve seen an increase in our business and our motivation. An effective marketing strategy developed by them is a must for new businesses or existing ones struggling to break through to the next level.”

– Anthony Grosso, Grosso Properties

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