Top 21 Free Ways To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2019

Instagram is about being social and authentic. Businesses and influencers must learn what their target market wants, and then develop authentic content that meets those needs. Instagram offers plenty of ways to engage with your ideal customer, making it ideal for small businesses and influencers alike.

Here are the top 21 pro tips on how to get more likes on Instagram for free.

16. Ditch the Stock Imagery

Alicia Williams, Founder & CEO, Aliste Marketing

Avoid the stock imagery and build a library of quality, original content that represents your brand. Utilize the resources you have by creating simple graphics to show quotes and images that offer transparency in your team, products, services and lifestyle. Businesses want the red button [for growth] — that doesn’t exist. You can’t throw money at growing a following and expect quality individuals to engage with an unbranded image or stock library. Invest the time to do it right, invest the resources to have professional imagery and graphics made and invest in your brand story to ensure it is being told through a visual storyline.

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