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Animal shelters play a crucial role in our society, providing a safe haven for abandoned and neglected pets. And among them, Pawfect Life Rescue, located on 195 Old Millville Road in Uxbridge Massachusetts, stands out as an exceptional example of a non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of dogs in need. At Pawfect Life Rescue, every dog is given a second chance to find a loving home and a brighter future. We are thrilled to feature them in our “what inspires us” series, not only for the opportunity to meet these adorable pups, but also to showcase the amazing work that they have been committed to doing. In this blog, we sat down with Julie Uthoff, founder of Pawfect Life Rescue to get to know the mission of Pawfect Life Rescue, their impact on the community, and how you can get involved in supporting their cause.

If you are interested in learning more about the amazing work of Pawfect Life Rescue OR if you are looking to adopt one of these great dogs, you can visit them online at www.pawfectliferescue.org. You can also send an email to info.pawfectlife@gmail.com or call 508-526-3118!

Interview with Julie Uthoff from Pawfect Life Rescue Inc:

Describe what you do? How long have you been doing this?

In 2013, I founded “Pawfect Life Rescue”. We are a family friendly dog rescue that saves local and southern dogs. We are very different from what people think of when it comes to shelters or rescues. We are here to save lives, support the community & educate on proper pet care. We will be celebrating 10 years on 7/1/23!

For businesses: What products or services do you offer? What makes you different from other companies?

We are a 501C3 non profit. We rescue dogs and do charge an adoption fee to cover all vetting, transport and isolation costs. We do carry supplies to sell to our adopters at time of adoption. How are we different: We DO adopt to families with young kids. We DO adopt to families who don’t have fenced in yards. We DO provide the opportunity for families & their current dog(s) to meet our rescue pups in a safe environment on neutral ground. We DO disclose any health issues and educate adopters on pet health insurance. We DO work with adopters to find the RIGHT FIT. We DO have a beautiful home that is warm and inviting with very positive & caring people. We DO promote happiness and success. We DO NOT adopt sight unseen or off the back of a truck in CT or without a proper MA state health certificate (which requires MA state mandated isolation). We DO NOT discriminate against adopters who have kids, who rent, who don’t have fenced yards, who are seniors or who are of any specific race, religion, or sexual preference. We DO NOT prey on people’s feelings by making them feel bad thinking the dogs we rescue are sitting in cages and that no one wants them. We DO NOT adopt out dogs with bite histories or aggression issues – basically any dog that we wouldn’t feel comfortable taking into our homes. We DO NOT withhold refunds if requested within 2 weeks of adoption if a dog is returned (and we have a VERY low return rate based on how we do business). We ARE NOT radicals and we DO NOT make people feel bad if they have to surrender a dog. We ARE educated professionals who treat our volunteers, fosters, donors and adopters with compassion and appreciation.

What are some things you value?

Honesty, integrity, open communication and patience – while we find the proper “fit” for adopters when they’re adopting – mutual respect within the community – we have a do good and good will come back to you approach.

What do you want to hear from clients or the community you serve?

Why do you choose to work with one rescue over another? Do you know the difference between underground and legitimate rescues? Do you know MA DOA requirements? Do you know that it’s not THAT hard to adopt & that you can be a good adopter even if you don’t meet some rescues guidelines? Do you understand immediate gratification or snap decisions aren’t always the best choices? Do you know that you CAN have your family and current dog meet a dog before adopting? Do you know you can spend time getting to know a pup at open houses and not feel like you will miss out on an opportunity to adopt a nice pup? Do you know that even if you have had a bad experience with rescue that not ALL rescues and ALL dogs are like that….that there is a better way? Do you know that you should never feel like you are saving a dog from a rescue if the rescue is doing their job? Do you know that the national agencies like HSUS and ASPCA are top heavy and your donations go to pay hefty salaries vs. helping the dogs? Do you know that rescue volunteers are amazing people with big hearts who WANT you to succeed? Let’s break the stigma about dirty kennels with cranky dog lovers who aren’t people people and change the face of rescue.

What’s your personal story? How did you get started? Was there someone that influenced and inspired you? Why are you passionate about your business?

I grew up raising wildlife for the hopkinton humane society, interned at Tufts wildlife clinic and rescued & rehabilitated reptiles & amphibians. I was an asst manager at a pet store, did chemical purification, cell culture research & ran a contracting lab for antibody production. I then graduated with a BS in biology and started working for a laboratory equipment company. I was married in 2001 & started a family. I lost my mother to a primary brain tumor in 2010. In 2012 I started volunteering with rescues because I was searching for meaning & wanted to do something positive in life. I wanted to do something in my mothers honor that I could leave as a legacy for my children. In 2013 I submitted all the paperwork filing for a 501C3 and with the state and “Pawfect Life Rescue” was born. I ran the rescue out of my home. My husband is also a biologist and our kids have grown up with animals and it was a family & friend run venture. The rescue took off and I could no longer house it within the walls of my home. We moved to a facility up on Bangma’ farm and then, in 2022, purchased a home on 19 acres of land for the dogs. I am passionate about the dogs we save, the families we meet and adopt dogs to, the volunteers who make meaningful relationships at the rescue, the donors & followers who truly care about the rescue and work hard to support us, the community we serve and all the amazing rescuers I’ve been blessed with.

What’s the biggest factor that has helped you succeed in your field?

One could say determination, stay strong when things get hard, ingenuity creating new ideas and seeing them to fruition while following my heart. Truly, though, the answer to this question is friendship. Friendship, compassion and love are what the rescue runs on. Without that, we have nothing.

What is the best advice you can give to others?

Find your purpose and do what you love while giving back and creating a better tomorrow.

If you could start all over again, what would you do differently?

I would trust myself and my intuition more & not make some of the silly mistakes I’ve made along the way while navigating how to run a rescue.

At the end of the day, what puts a smile on your face?

People & Dogs

What Inspires Us: Describe a way that you/your business helps your community in a positive way (giving back, bringing joy/happiness, inspiring others, etc.)? Why is this important to you?

We provide a safe environment for all families (especially those with young kids and dogs) to meet an amazing rescue dog. We help them navigate the pros and cons of each dog and which pup will best fit their family (the right forever dog, not the right “right now” dog). We embrace the children in our community from young kids who want to find ways to participate to high schoolers who want to volunteer through their schools NJHS program. We have had scheduled visits from high functioning special needs students (who have been turned away by other rescues). We have held events at local businesses and shared our dogs and their puppy kisses with the public. We take any excess donated food and work with the People First food pantry and a local vet office to disperse that food to those folks in our community who need help feeding their pets. It’s important to me to spread happiness & love and animals have a very unique way of doing that. Sometimes, when the world seems wonky and all hope seems lost – there is a purpose – you just have to look and find it. I want people to know that. And I want them to find love and companionship with an amazing pup who will fill their life with joy! And I want that dog to live the life they were meant to live – because they are not broken and should never have been discarded as such. There is good and bad in everything – people, dogs, rescues. I’m connecting the good and making what seems impossible, possible. I truly believe that “together we can” 🙂

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