Why Your Business Needs Video Marketing in its Toolbox

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great video is like scoring the keys to the legendary New York Public Library. That’s why video marketing is an advertising and marketing tool of near epic proportions.

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is exactly what it sounds like: A video that can be used to accomplish one of the goals set as part of your strategic marketing process. The power and potential of video as a marketing tool can’t be denied:

  • The average person watches a whopping 16 hours of video online weekly
  • Compared to regular text and image-based posts, social video generates a staggering 1200% more shares
  • Consumers typically remember just 10% of information presented in written format but 95% of information conveyed via video

And the list goes on. 

Consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a brand’s social videos, they prefer learning about goods and services via video, and most people say they actually want to see more videos from their favorite brands.

Types of video content

Sure, we’ve all taken a velfie (that’s a video selfie, of course), but an impromptu Facebook live video or clip intended for your Instagram Stories will only take you so far. There are so many other types of video content that can be used to educate, entertain, boost engagement, generate buzz, establish authority, introduce products or the people behind your brand, and help nurture social proof:

Why is professional video marketing better than DIY freebies?

Here’s the kicker: While everyone can make a video, few people can make a brilliant video. 

There’s an art to not only filming the right things the right way but also editing that footage correctly and sending it out into the world in a way that will maximize impact. See how ->

No one’s saying that you can’t take the occasional behind-the-scenes video of your chef’s setting up for dinner service or you opening up the prototype for your next big product. But balancing that out with pro videos gives your brand the professionalism and shine customers want to see when they’re pulling out the wallets.

And above all, working with experts who know how to market video turns a few megabytes of digital imagery into something that can help propel your business forward quickly. 

Experienced marketers know which type of video content belongs where, how to leverage key business performance metrics to add fuel to campaigns, and how to create new videos to address any gaps in your strategy and make the most of what makes your brand special. That can mean the difference between the status quo and sky’s the limit.

Learn how the experts at Aliste create beautiful, custom videos for your business to showcase your products and services.

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