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3 Simple Steps for a Strategic Marketing Planning Process
Marketing Strategy

How to Craft A Marketing Strategy Plan

It’s one thing to have a goal.  It’s another thing entirely to have the courage, foresight, grit, and determination to figure out how to make …

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3 Simple Steps for a Strategic Marketing Planning Process
Marketing Strategy

What is the strategic marketing process?

How do you plan on getting ahead? Whether you’re about to launch a business or you’re already in the swing of things but not leveling …

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Business Process

11 Key Business Performance Metrics for Better Operations

Is your business winning? How do you know? The big difference between opinion and fact is that facts come with data. Curious whether you’re profitable? …

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video marketing

Why would I invest in professional video marketing when I can use Tik Tok for free?

There are nearly 100 million people in the United States who are active on TikTok every month.  The meteoric growth of the trendy video-sharing app …

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YouTube Marketing: what you need to know about the power and skill behind successful channels

YouTube Marketing: What Makes Successful Channels So Popular

YouTube isn’t all cute cat videos and failed singing auditions (not that there’s anything wrong with those). YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in …

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Aliste News

What the Facebook and Instagram outage taught us about diversification!

Google. Facebook. Amazon. These businesses have transformed the way society communicates, connects, works, and plays. We know we can use Google to search for anything …

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