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Marketing Strategy

Why is strategic marketing important?

Tackling marketing by throwing some Facebook ads at the wall and seeing what sticks may seem like the easy, stress-free route to entrepreneurial success, but …

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Business Process

How do I get business metrics?

Marketing and content strategy experts love to talk about business metrics. They’ll tell you that you need them to understand how you stack up against …

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Business Process

What are examples of metrics?

Business metrics are the kind of nit-picky little numbers that can seem like little more than busy work on their own but collect enough metrics …

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Business Process

What are operational performance metrics?

While all KPIs measure the progress or relative success of a business or campaign, many metrics are more focused on long-term outcomes. Operational performance metrics …

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Inbound Marketing

What are examples of marketing strategies?

Marketing strategies are like family recipes for chocolate chip cookies — you’ll see some common ingredients, but each version is just a little bit different. …

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Marketing Strategy

What is the difference between strategic marketing and tactical marketing?

Marketing is marketing is marketing… right? Well, not really. While there is a lot of overlap between different marketing tactics, there are two main types …

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