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Business Process

5 Metrics Crucial to Assessing the Performance of a Product

Ready to launch a new product? Interested in revamping an existing one? Even the most innovative, ingenious product every created can flop big time if …

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Marketing Strategy

Strategic Marketing vs. Tactical Marketing

Marketing is marketing is marketing… right? Well, not really. While there is a lot of overlap between different marketing tactics, there are two main types …

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Marketing Strategy

4 Steps to Implement a Marketing Strategy

You’ve spent hours poring over every detail of your marketing plan. Your audience is dialed in, you’ve chosen your channels and you’ve stared at laundry …

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Marketing Strategy

Understanding the 7 Steps of Marketing

Does the mere thought of crafting a marketing strategy make your eyelid twitch? Creating a marketing plan doesn’t have to be a panic-inducing event. Just …

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Marketing Strategy

Understanding and Applying the 3 Phases of the Marketing Process

Ask three different marketers to describe their planning process and you’re likely to get three different answers. While there are certainly some standard aspects to …

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Business Process

10 Examples of Key Business Metrics You Can Use

When companies need to measure the progress of a campaign or see how they stand in relation to their competition (or an older version of …

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